Any new novel by Solzhenitsyn would be an event.His earlier work, "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich", "The First Circle" and "Cancer Ward" is important enough for that.

The art world was surprised last night when the Minister for the Arts, Lord Gowrie, announced at the Tate Gallery that the first winner of the £10,000 Turner prize was Malcolm Morley, a British painter who has spent the past 20 years living abroad.The Turner prize, made possible by a gift from an anonymous donor, is given to the person who, in the opinion of a jury of critics and gallery organisers, has contributed most to British art in the past 12 months.

But if that's the way it has to be, you have to use glamour.Official Live Aid goods will be clearly marked with the charity's logo, a guitar-stemmed outline of Africa.

I had trouble with him with my play, The Living Room, because of the sounds of the lavatory flushing.Joseph Mankiewicz had made a propaganda film for American policy in Vietnam out of The Quiet American, whereas the book had been against American policy.

Thank God for Live Aid,' the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Robert Runcie, said in a letter to Mr Geldof.The money would go straight into Band Aid.

Viewed dispassionately - and of course that's desperately difficult at this point in time - Star Wars is not an improvement on Mr Lucas' previous work, except in box-office terms.And now I want you all to rise from your seats and salute since they were all Made in Britain.

Some, probably most, just came to the biggest pop concert in the history of ballyhoo, but I do believe many came with the highest motives.But the aim of these people is a grander one, and it was proclaimed in a banner over the Wembley stage: 'Feed the World.

Isaac Bashevis Singer begins with a disconcerting irony: "I was brought up in three dead languages - Hebrew, Aramaic, Yiddish.He invites us to a seance to hear their voices; Shosha is a haunting rather than a novel.

Mrs Thatcher last night rejected an appeal from the Labour leader, Mr Neil Kinnock, that all VAT revenue raised on sales of the charity record 'Do they know it's Christmas?In her reply to Mr Kinnock's letter Mrs Thatcher said it would not be right to treat 'this fund-raising operation as a one-off case.

In a word, The Evil Dead, which bears an '18' certificate for cinema exhibition, should have been laid to rest long ago.It has taken that year for the Home Office to translate the rhetoric of the moral campaign against so-called 'video nasties' into detailed small print.

Often he would snap off single shots: "Milton is as mechanical as a bricklayer.He encouraged his pupils to apply this yardstick not only to literature but to newspapers, television, advertisement hoardings, letters and common speech.