However, Chicago soon outgrew the wheel, literally: Ferris's creation was dwarfed by the skyscrapers it helped inspire and ended up rotting in a Philadelphia fair.This might turn out to be unsettling, although nothing could be further from the architects' stated intentions.

The Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation said this week that a projected 10,000 new porn video titles would be released in 1999, up from fewer than 8,000 last year.The growth comes at a time when the conventional film industry is suffering a 13% drop in new productions.

The artist's place, as witness to war, as propagandist, as moral agent, has become more difficult and problematic since the invention of photography.Golub worked from montaged photographs, and painted his images in a studio in Manhattan, rather than from the front.

But these were as nothing beside the nightmarish micro-organism infesting the Neuse river on America's east coast.The Mystery Of Men (BBC1) was an unusually mordant piece of drama for a Bank holiday.

Exhibitions of George and Larry's lives are both on at the Warwickshire town's museum.Set designer Anthony James has made ingenious use of Grayson's catchphrases.

I hadn't done any acting before The War Zone.As soon as I started acting, I realised that was what I wanted to do.

I said that I knew Brassai's photographs of Parisian lowlife.I walked back to my hotel in Montparnasse, obsessed with the notion that I was going to photograph Sam Beckett in Paris.

Sounds just like The Thomas Crown Affair.Or is it Entrapment, the Sean Connery/Catherine Zeta Jones vehicle released at the start of the summer?

In his latest film, the rave-music-essenced Go (pictured, left), Fichtner takes a welcome detour into the wiggy world of black comedy.Directed by Doug "Swingers" Liman, Go's scenario of drug-influenced catastrophes takes place in LA and Las Vegas.

It's a Knockout returns on Friday, with Keith "Cheggers" Chegwin separating Brize Norton and Chalfont St Peter with an amusing painted stick.So where's Stuart Hall - one-time Voice of North West radio news and sport and travel, with the serial killer laugh and the chain of travel agencies ("Stuart Hall Travel")?

The locations Chatham, England Pinewood Studios, England London, England: the MI6 Building, the Millennium Dome, Tower Bridge & the river Thames Swindon, England: Motorola Factory Istanbul, Turkey Baku, Azerbaijan La Fegere, Chamonix, France Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain