The landscape artist Richard Long last night won the £10,000 Turner Prize , for which he was shortlisted on two previous occasions.There was warm applause as the arts minister, Mr Richard Luce, announced the award at a dinner at the Tate Gallery last night.

David Cornwell, whom I shall from now on call Le Carré, was born in Poole.As he described this, Le Carré mimicked Hassett, drunk as a lord, doing a striptease on a kitchen table.

Ursula Le Guin thought Dick took 'greater risks than any other American novelist,' John Brunner hailed him as 'the most consistently brilliant SF writer in the world,' Brian Aldiss regarded him as 'a world league novelist.Rejected by the literary mainstream he wrote 13 'straight' novels back in the fifties, all unsold.

It is doubtful if anyone has ever written about him without using the word 'seedy' at least once, and his mingled air of shabbiness and salvation is indeed unique.With the turn of the decade Greene's public face relaxed a little.

In 1991, Roger Bevan wrote a devastating critique of the Turner Prize for the Art Newspaper, claiming two jurors had stitched up the selection procedure to get two young Goldsmiths' College graduates on the list.This year's shortlist might be seen to reflect his presence.

These kind of films are made with a built-in framework; you've got to stick with it.Here I am, I'm 32, which isn't really that old, and I've worked with Dennis Hopper.

Most recently, she has been playing Sally Bowles in the Donmar Warehouse's applauded production of Cabaret in London.She says politely, 'We've met before haven't we?

Four artists cheerfully designated the worst in the world will not have to live in suspense until one of them is judged the worst of the worst at a public ceremony in November.The prize for this was to be £40,000, according to a new prize competition for the 'mutha of all awards' announced in an advertisement in the Guardian and the Sunday Times.

I haven't even been to New York for 30 years.But this is Glastonbury and, hey, maybe I did do a show in New York.

Even his admirers are hard pushed to explain Grisham's trick.People were tired of the eighties sex 'n' shopping novel - 'Women's books,' he calls them.

Today critics regard it as a classi example of Turner 's use of colour his detractors would have ridiculed it as a study in mustard.They jumped the only private security guard on duty before he had switched on the gallery's sophisticated alarm system.

If any contemporary rock star looked slated for premature oblivion, it was Kurt Cobain of Nirvana.Consequently, 21 dates on Nirvana's European tour had to be rescheduled.

The injured - a man aged 44 and his wife from Bexleyheath, a woman aged 21 from Sutton Coldfield, a man aged 18 from Birmingham, and a man aged 20 from South Glamorgan - were taken to the Royal United Hospital, Bath.A man aged 30, from London, was last night helping police with inquiries.

I seem to have an affection, a kind of sweet tooth for it,' says the narrator of Toni Morrison's last novel, Jazz.Toni Morrion's fierce resistance to racism, which informs all of her writing, has led critics to dub her racism's 'avenging angel'.