In a shabby warehouse in the dismal suburbs of northern Moscow there is a new Valley of the Kings.Stuffed carp, black caviar, smoked sturgeon, jellied sturgeon, four kinds of sausage, green salad, onion salad, tomato salad.

Richard Deacon won the Turner prize in 1987 since when he has become one of the most respected of the new wave of British sculptors of the 80s.The first shape is a stack of diminishing wooden ovals, and one looks into it as through the wrong end of an extended telescope.

He fills it up, and cooks for himself, and when it gets down to a certain level then he thinks, 'now I might do a concert'.On the BBC, Richard Baker was moved to remind listeners of the reaction of a local critic to Kleiber's Vienna debut fifteen years earlier.

Legend has it that it was in his father's candy store he came across science fiction magazines.Campbell was the inspiration behind Asimov's Three Laws Of Robotics.

All of her writing was at odds with conventional realism, yet she mapped with great precision the history and topography of our fantasies.She was miraculously 'at home' in this epoch where people and their 'images', facts and their shadows, co-exist so closely and menacingly.

But Hirst's pieces do not simply represent decay they embody it.But Hirst's pieces are important, and they deserve to be seen.

The competition that year, as everyone knew, was between his book and Anthony Burgess's Earthly Powers.The ship is a real ship and Golding knows how it is built and how it works, and so by the end does the seasick reader.

Around five o'clock this evening, the Tate Gallery will fax national daily newspapers to let us know the winner of the 1991 Turner Prize of £20,000.The Turner Prize has never been popular among artists, even among those who have won it.

But I seem to have got involved in a treadmill of dependency.The address was, as usual, Worthy Farm, Pilton, where Mr Eavis had 75,000 people watching 1,000 rock, theatre, circus and green acts for the weekend.

I consoled myself with the thought that this beastly experience would enable me to speak with unique authority on festival sanitation.The Selwood's cubicles are perhaps a little snug.

One of the ritualistic sounds of the artistic summer season was heard yesterday with the announcement of the shortlist for the Turner Prize - the sound of critics sharpening their knives.He says that his work is "based on nothing, no strict discourse, no rules except perhaps a new subjectivity.