George Orwell's Animal Farm (Secker and Warburg, pp.92, 6s.

With some such mixture of exultation and rue as may fill that sportsman's bosom, the inhabitants of Great Britain and Ireland have just seen Mr.Fortunately, however, professionalism is no sin in such sports as literary composition, and Mr.

It used to be one of the treats of my childhood to see the coloured pictures at the Scala, and I remember how impressed I was by the fact that the hounds in one film had three tails, one white, one red, and one green.It is not how much colour we can have on the screen but what it will mean if we have it that matters.

It is certainly the most satisfying Disney since before or after "Pinocchio," and some will even prefer it to that masterpiece of puppetry.Elephants' eyes, baby or adult, are the colour of THE periwinkle or wild clematis.

There is no doubt, however, that the instinct of the masses is sound in its choice of Shirley Temple as a favourite.She possesses the most adorable characteristics of little girls and it is pleasant to note where they emerge from beneath layers of vulgar direction.

Laurence Olivier's performance was a remarkable one.It was hard to find in these satirical quirks the spirit that would "undertake the death of all the world".

Professor Sigmund Freud, the distinguished psychologist and originator of psychoanalysis was born in Freiberg, Moravia, and educated at Vienna and Paris.In the second period of Freud's constructive thinking he showed increasing awareness that to describe repression was not enough.

The Vitaphone, alias the talking film, has evidently come to stay though in what form last Thursday's intensive demonstration hardly made clear.It would be easy to philosophise on the debut on The Greatest Sensation of the Age', as the programme described it, but dangerous to prophesy.

You will have to see "Ben Hur," just as I have, to write about it.The important fact about "Ben Hur" is, not that it is such a poor film, but that, being so poor, it has achieved such a fabulous reputation.

For Citizen Kane (Gaumont), written, produced, directed and played by Orson Welles, is probably the most exciting film that has come out of Hollywood for twenty-five years.I am not at all sure that it isn't the most exciting film that ever came out of anywhere.

Indeed, scholarship has succeeded in reducing the number of his incontestably authentic works to one - namely the so-called "Tempest" which used to belong to the Giovanelli family and is now at the academy in Venice.They illustrate scenes from an eclogue by the poet Tebaldo, a friend of Giorgione's patron, Pietro Bembo, and almost certainly of the painter.

In Modern Times Chaplin proves again what the whole world already acknowledges - that he is the greatest artist of the silent screen as apart from the half-theatrical talking screen, the most eloquent master of mime, and the simplest, most essential, and most touching of comedians.Watching Modern Times one is compelled to marvel again at the miraculous soundness of taste which has led people of so many countries to take Chaplin to their hearts.

A serious warning to the film industry regarding "sex" films, which, it is stated, are becoming more and more daring, is contained in the report for 1931 of the British Board of Film Censors, signed by Mr.Even when the story is not in itself wholly immoral, there appears to be a desire to stress the unpleasant aspect which is best described as 'sex appeal' with a wealth of detail which is altogether prohibitive for public exhibition.

With Lady Gregory he founded the Irish Players and the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, of which he remained a director throughout his life.He married in 1917 Georgie, the daughter of the late W.

An Exchange telegram from New York says Mr.Rudolph Valentino died yesterday.

But "Potemkin" has more than this.It is important, not for being Soviet propaganda, but for being Soviet kinema.