This means there’s likely going to be a lot of Equifax lawsuits in the near future.The most recent update to the DoNotPay chatbot now allows it to automatically sue Equifax.

View photosblue bottle coffee company(Blue Bottle is known for its fresh coffee and trendy, airy cafés.Clay McLachlan) Nestlé is dropping up to $500 million to take a majority stake in the hip coffee brand Blue Bottle Coffee.

REUTERS/Jim Young) For the second time in two weeks Thursday, President Donald Trump joked about the size of his hands as he helped out with hurricane relief.Which is why I don't understand why his hands are the size of someone who's 5-2," Rubio said to a cheering crowd.

The changes were the result of a four-month review led by consultancy firm McKinsey & Co, which talked to 25 of the company's biggest shareholders, Andrew Liveris, executive chairman of the combined company said in an interview.Loeb's Third Point, which has been critical of Liveris' leadership, said in May the companies could unlock $20 billion (15.

CNBC's Bob Pisani and Art Cashin of UBS discuss the moves in the markets ahead of the Federal Reserve's September policy statement tomorrow.

Bernie Sanders' Medicare-for-All" bill would eliminate role of private insurers in basic health care coverage, USA Today reports.

(David Zalubowski/AP) Now a member of the Boston Celtics, Kyrie Irving admitted on ESPN's "First Take" on Monday that he did not inform LeBron James of his trade request, nor did he feel the need to.The NBA world was rocked by Irving's trade request from the Cleveland Cavaliers in July, and soon thereafter, reports came out that said Irving no longer wanted to play second-fiddle to James.

Two friends died in the crash of a Dodge Challenger Hellcat over the weekend after they shot off the end of an airport runway, authorities said.First, the men's ages: The Denver Post reports the crash victims were Lynd Fitzgerald, 71, of Colorado Springs, and his passenger, Roger Lichtenberger, 76, of San Marcos, Calif.

An 18-year-old man has been arrested in Dover, and British officials held an emergency Cabinet meeting to discuss the terror threat facing in the wake of the London subway blast that injured more than two dozen people.(Sept.

(AP) -- Missouri's Republican-led Senate on Wednesday formally reprimanded a Democratic colleague for a Facebook post hoping for President Donald Trump's assassination, while the House took the less serious step of opening an ethics review of a Republican's post calling for a Confederate monument vandal to be hanged.Numerous top Republican and Democratic officials in Missouri have called on Chappelle-Nadal to resign after she wrote "I hope Trump is assassinated!

Most telling about S&P’s downgrade was that compared with peers, China had ‘less transparency, and a more restricted flow of information’ Sept.ET A global rating agency has once again downgraded China, and there is little new information for investors to digest.

However, as the Franchise Business Review’s recently released “Top Low-Cost Franchises of 2017” ranking shows, many less expensive options are available.As we reported, a McDonald’s franchise requires an initial investment of $1 million to $2.

Spreadbetters expected European stocks to start slightly higher to a touch lower, forecasting Britain's FTSE to open up 0.The Australian dollar, often used as a liquid proxy of China-linked trades, pared gains after the China readings but was still up 0.

Some of President Trump's lawyers advocated in June for son-in-law Jared Kushner to step down from his White House role, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter.

Serena Williams welcomes a daughter, female lawmakers back Bernie Sanders’ health care bill, and Kirsten Gillibrand has fighting words for Betsy DeVos.And not just any moms—extraordinarily successful, creative moms.

AP Photo/Julie Jacobson) Yes, but border agents can then make your life difficult.View photoscustoms cbp us border california mexico(The customs border crossing at Calexico, California.

bill o'reilly(Bill O'Reilly on NBC.NBC) NBC host Matt Lauer grilled former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly in one of O'Reilly's first major TV appearances since he was ousted following revelations of numerous sexual-harassment allegations against him.

10 billionaires who grew up dirt poorYou don't have to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth to achieve great things in life — though it certainly helps.1 billion, according to Forbes, Oprah Winfrey was born to a teenage single mother in Mississippi.

Former assistant labor secretary Brad Campbell discusses potential changes to 401(K) and how that fund may be taxed in the future.