When we subtract the 11-percent inflation rate in 1981 and the current 2-percent inflation rate we get a "real rate" of 5.This march to negative rates has been the primary driver of wealth inequality by altering key economic and behavioral trends.

9 billion extension of U.Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that "as soon as I can get to it," the Senate would begin considering a similar, $10.

But yields turned flat later after data showed growth in the services sector slowed more than expected in October.The Institute for Supply Management's services index slid for a second month to 57.

It's a big opportunity.territory, is like a 51st state.

Read MoreObama: Sony made a mistake by pulling 'The Interview' North Korea regularly carries out cyber attacks, but these attacks have always been relatively crude.Groups that monitor North Korea's cyber activities have never seen any sign that North Korea is currently a serious cyber threat or on the verge of becoming one.

We've watched a real-life scenario unfold, with all the gory details of Sony's breach laid bare before us in business, technology, and pop-culture press.Read MoreObama: Sony made a mistake by pulling 'The Interview' To be clear, the breach of Sony Pictures Entertainment didn't unveil any new, alarming cyberwarfare techniques.

After Tuesday's sweeping electoral wins, National Republican Congressional Committee Chair Rep.Greg Walden (R-Ore.

This could backfire in a very big way, and I would not urge businesses to go down and start plunking down money or thinking that they can plunk down money," said Gutierrez, who was born in Havana.He wants to be the president who opens up Cuba.

Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker told CNBC on Thursday said the pursuing better relations with Cuba because isolation has not worked.

John Barrasso, chairman of the Senate Republican Policy Committee, offered platitudes of bipartisanship and optimism on Thursday about working with President Barack Obama.Read MoreKudlow: Obama stirring a 'rat's nest' of backlash "I'm expecting that the president is going to need some time for the impact of the full elections to sink in.

stocks surged Wednesday, the day after Republicans regained control of the Senate in the midterm elections.While some are predicting more gridlock in the nation's capital, two market pros aren't convinced.

The current Congress has one main job before it goes out of business next month: passing a bill to fund the government past Dec.The lame-duck session is not expected to include "offsets" for any of the new spending or tax provisions.

With the recent attacks on Sony, there has been a pivotal change in how corporate breaches occur.In addition to a devastating strike against the company, personal employee information was leveraged for financial gain, and terrorist threats were made.

Those emails are evidence of something – attitudes, personal data, negotiating tactics – but that doesn't mean they are admissible evidence that may be used to reach a conclusion about the writers' or company's liability.Anthony Harvey | Getty Images Angelina Jolie Lawyers conventionally caution their clients that the "e" in email stands for "evidence.

Republicans and Democrats agree the nation needs a highway program.They understand that the program's "Trust Fund," financed by the federal gas tax, will fall into insolvency if they don't act before their August recess.

The Republican breakthrough in midterm elections represents a major setback for President Barack Obama and changes the outlook for action in Washington on issues important to business and the economy.In the House, Speaker John Boehner is on track to lead the largest Republican majority since before the Great Depression.

In his first appearance since the Republican party reclaimed control of the Senate, Obama said that the U.Read MoreGOP's Walden predicts 'a hundred-year majority' Obama reaffirmed he will not sign a repeal of Affordable Care Act; it's working, he said, noting "You've got Republican governors that have concluded that it's a good deal for their state.

That, just like in your own family, our American family takes care of each other.In our American family, we take care of all of our parents, through strong policies like Social Security and Medicaid.

President Barack Obama and Republicans leaders paid lip service to the idea of bipartisan cooperation in the wake of the GOP's total congressional takeover.Never mind that tax reform would be extraordinarily difficult under any circumstances.

The immediate impact would be felt by government workers, whose paychecks would be suspended and jobs would be subject to furlough.The economic and financial damage also would be much worse if the Treasury is forced to stop paying investors and default on U.