Earlier this week, former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers wrote a call to "kill the $100 bill" in The Washington Post's Wonkblog.Noting that actually eliminating the bill would be too extreme a measure, Summers advocated that the U.

A stunning 54 percent of American taxpayers would like to give GOP front-runner Donald Trump a knuckle sandwich, according to WalletHub's 2016 Taxpayer Survey.The survey asked respondents "Who would you most like to punch in the face?

Others, including those who qualify for an earned income tax credit, were likely done before the groundhog saw his shadow.) Here's a closer look at where you federal tax dollars go.

Do you know where your 401(k) fees are hiding?There are ways, however, to mitigate the effects of too large a 401(k).

There's a potential silver lining after watching a portion of your investment portfolio get wiped away following the U.That's because the Internal Revenue Service allows investors to offset all of their capital gains with any losses taken in a given year.

Troels Graugaard | Getty Images A Roth IRA has tax benefits for long-term retirement investing.Unlike a traditional IRA, which lets you build up pre-tax money in a retirement account, a Roth IRA allows you to build after-tax savings that you can generally withdraw tax-free in retirement.

Let's break this down into two segments: planning before retirement and planning during retirement.Getty Images Planning before retirement Budget.

The pharma giant hired Sussman to run their lobbying and governmental affairs efforts back in 2007.The question is: does this mean that Pfizer simply got unlucky, or is the entire lobbying industry a bubble that's starting to burst?

Capitol Hill was reminiscent of "political theater" on Friday, CNBC Contributor Jared Bernstein told "Closing Bell.Lawmakers grilled IRS Commissioner John Koskinen on the Hill, examining how the agency could have possibly lost emails at the center of a scandal targeting conservative groups.

, Calls to abolish the IRS have not been well thought through, said Republican Representative Charles Boustany in an interview.His spokeswoman Caitlin Carroll said the IRS closure proposal should be seen as part of a larger push for comprehensive tax reform.

More families are saving for college this year than in the previous three years, according to a new study by Sallie Mae and Ipsos.Here are the highlights: -57 percent of parents are saving for college this year, up from 48 percent last year.

The websites are part of IRS Free File program, which lets anyone who made under $62,000 in 2015 file taxes electronically for free.These websites are all members of the Free File Alliance, a nonprofit coalition of the tax software companies.

Bill Self, the head coach of the University of Kansas' men's basketball team, makes more than $2.He also pays almost no income tax, public radio station KCUR reported Monday.

The study looked at more than just incomes taxes, though, and included everything from sales taxes to property taxes, gift taxes and gasoline taxes.A state tax on corporate profits, for example, could show up in higher prices for consumers or lower wages for workers.

The organization found that behemoths such as Apple, General Electric, Microsoft and Google engage in tax havens that costs the U.S's effective corporate tax rate is 35 percent, but the study found that companies used a variety of tax strategies to cut that rate to just 26.

The Panama Papers scandal highlights how much progress the world has made in combating tax havens, the head of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) told CNBC on Friday, warning that Panama would face "consequences" if it did not improve.The so-called Panama Papers have exposed more than 11.

An opinion poll published late on Tuesday showed the once double-digit lead of the "In" campaign had narrowed to just 1 percentage point.Other polls have shown the "Out" camp ahead, reducing the value of sterling and wiping billions of dollars off global stock markets.

Washington Post Tokyo Bureau Chief Anna Fifield just published a genuinely excellent piece today about the Tokyo subway system.You see, while Fifield includes nine key reasons why the Tokyo subway is so enviable there's nothing in the feature piece that even briefly attempts to explain why it's so good.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Tuesday he will proceed with a scheduled sales tax hike next year unless the economy is hit by a shock on the scale of the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008 or the massive earthquake that struck in 2011.He also told parliament that he was "not thinking at all" about dissolving the lower house and calling a snap election.

The "Panama Papers" scandal has not hit investment in Panama or its economy, the country's vice-minister of finance said on Tuesday, as the investigative journalists behind the leak published further details of firms sheltering wealth overseas.Varela said calling the leak the "Panama Papers" was a misnomer, because only 20 percent of the offshore companies named in the data were from the Central American country, with 50 percent associated with the U.